Co-Engineering Preproduction - 2014 LP

I Call Fives
"Bad Advice" Acoustic EP 

Everyone Dies In Utah
P/E/M - “E.T.” Katy Perry Cover
P/E/M - 2013 Single

The Secret Songs Of Us (Justin Yost)
P/E/M - Essentials of Human Emotion EP
P/E/M - Upcoming 2016 LP

Have Mercy
P/E/M - 2013 Singles/Demos

Next To Nothing
P/E/M - Stories We've Never Told LP

Dale and the Z Dubs
P/E/M - Leave The Drama LP

Car Party
P/E/M - “Patterns” EP
P/E/M - “Dollar Sign” Single
Mastered - “High & Low Places” EP

Stacked Like Pancakes
P/E/M - "This is Us" LP
P/E/M - "Suburban Superhero" single

Lenny Martelli
P/E/M - "Little Do You Know" single

Chris Diller
P/E/M - “Here But Not Here” EP
P/E/M - Upcoming 2016 EP

P/E/M - "Reborn" EP

Brian Castillo
P/E/M - 2016 Upcoming EP

8:30 Band
P/E/M - Exceeding Great Joy LP

Kyndal Gehlbach
P/E/M - “Whitest Linen” Single

Steve Herrera
P/E/M - “You’re The One” single 

Guns Out and Sundown
P/E/M - “Aryana” acoustic single

Mark Mikina
P/E/M - 2015 singles

Drop The Act
E/M - “Lets Plan A Robbery” EP

Vocals - 2014 EP

Clear For Takeoff
P/E/M - “Wake The City” LP
M - “Line of Fire” EP

A Day Awaits
P/E/M - Self Titled EP 2015

P/E/M - Aether EP

Fourth Quarter Comeback
P/E/M - 2013 EP
P/E/M - “How Does it Feel” single

American Diary
P/E/M - “Theodore” LP

This is Our Fight
P/E/M - “Yours Truly” EP
P/E/M - “Trife Life” 2012 EP

The Life Review
P/E/M - EP

Ebb & Nova
E/M - 2016 singles

Between the Heart and Home
P/E/M - Finding Stability in Closure EP

Some Like it Hot
"To the Mattresses" LP 

Running With Giants
Co-Engineering 2009
"Only the Beginning" EP

P/E/M - 2014 EP

Pyro Ohio
P/E/M - Bother Me Tomorrow: Tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival

Somewhere Anywhere Else
P/E/M - “Outside Of Your Dreams” EP

Still Waves
P/E/M - 2014 EP

Goucher College 2014 Acapella group
Live Recordings

Marco Ciarla
P/E/M - Marco Ciarla EP

The Atlantic Light
P/E/M - “The Atlantic Light” EP

Your Own Disaster
P/E/M - "Can Anybody Hear Me Now" LP
P/E/M - 2009 Demo 

Never Tell a Lie
E/M - 2009 Demos
P/E/M - "The Thought That Counts" EP 

Rescue the Hero
E/M - 2008 EP
E/M - 2009 Demos

P/E/M - “If Ands or Butts” EP
P/E/M - "Amateur Hour" LP

Brian Severn & Those Victorious
P/E/M - Dead Celebrity EP

All Too Cliche
E/M - 2008 Demo
P/E/M - 2008 EP 

Saint vs Sailor
P/E/M - Some Things Just Fall Apart EP  

A Spike Lee Joint
E/M - Acoustic track

G’Ra Asim
P/E/M - 2011 Singles
Mastered - 2010 Single

Bye June
P/E/M - “My Life is an Independent Film” LP

Over N Out
E/M - 2011 Demos

A Place in Time
E/M - 2011 EP
P/E/M - 2012 EP

Pyro, Ohio
P/E/M - Did I Mention I'm A Hypocrite (single)
Before the Sun Sets EP

Storm the Threshold
P/E/M - Portraits (single)

Behold the Uprising
P/E/M - 2013 EP

The Press War
M - A Tribute to The Movielife

Justin Morrell (of “Permanent Me”)
Mastered - 2011 Upcoming Single

P/E/M - 2013 EP

P/E/M - 2013 EP

(Worcester, MA)
Mastered - “We Ruined The Neighborhood” LP

Dawn is Broken
Mastered - 2011 “Over Thinking It” EP

Yukon The Archer
(Spokane, WA)
Mastered - 2011 EP

Skyway Traffic

P/E/M - 2011 EP

E/M - “Storylines” EP

Kalyn Hall
P/E/M - “Stories of the Heart” EP

A Brighter Life
Mastered - 2011 EP
Mastered - 2011 Singles

Key To The Midway
(Kalamazoo, MI)
Mastered - “This Christmas”

Bravest Giant
(Short Hills, NJ)
Mastered - 2010 EP

Runaway Brother
(Cleveland, OH)
Mastered - “Mr. Saturn” EP
Mastered - “The Bull Moose Party” EP

Action Speak
(Saddle Brook, NJ)
Mastered - 2011 EP

(Los Angeles, CA)
Mastered - 2010 Demo

Goodbye Horses
(Montreal, QC)
M - 2010 Single

Rachel Harman
P/E/M - “Hard” single

401 Sunset - E/M 

Before They Were Rebels - P/E/M 

An Obscure Signal - E/M 

Remembering October - E/M 

Ever Since Beginnings - E/M 

Camisado - P/E/M

and MANY more 

P = Produced
E = Engineered
M = Mixed